Edible Oil Refining

June 20, 2012

Edible oil refining refers to refining the crude edible oil which is extracted from various oil seeds, edible oil refining process harmful impurities which is unqualified for eating and storing will be removed for the compliance with national quality oil standard. Edible oils are extracted from various oil seeds and edible oil refining will add value to them. Actually, when the oil is extracted by oil mil machine, it is edible as the crude oil form, but people will refine the crude oil for one reason or another such as more applications. On the basis of the preference of the individual or the organization involved in oil production, there are large scale and small scale edible oil refining for choose.
Edible oil refining method has the following three:

  • mechanical method: including precipitation, filter, centrifugal separation, and this method is mainly used to separate the mechanical impurities and some glue soluble impurities suspended in the crude oils;
  • chemical method: mainly including acid refining, alkali refining, in addition, there are also oxidation and so on, acid refining means acid treatment, mainly used to remove the pigment, glue soluble and so on impurities, alkali refining refers to alkali treatment, mainly to remove free fatty acid, oxidation is mainly used for bleaching.
  • physical and chemical method: mainly including the hydration, decoloring, steam distillation, hydration will remove phosphatide, decoloring in other words bleaching is mainly used to remove pigment, steam distillation used for removing stink material and free fatty acids.

The results of edible oil refining may be different depending on how well the procedures were done. The machines used in the processing and how they are operated will influence the quality of the result especially in large scale edible oil refining. Furthermore, complete the procedures as the right sequence is fatal to make the oil qualified for various uses.

The amount of finished edible oil depends on the amount of crude edible oil used and the machines that are involved in the process. Because of the needs of the inhabitants of the area, crude edible oil is used in its refined form so that it can be available for various purposes. You can utilize different edible oil refining processes but the result is usually the same as to apply the oil in different aspects. After refining the oils can be used for cooking, cosmetics production, and various industrial processes and as the raw material of food processing.

Commonly, the edible oils are used as the production of cooking oil that can be used either in either a restaurant or domestically. They are usually referred to as salad oils which are used to make the food more delicious. Furthermore, the edible oils that have been through the refining process are used to produce cosmetics that can be used on the whole body, while others are specifically used on sensitive areas such as the face or the neck. What’s more, the edible oil refining may make the oil available as medicine.

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